I haven’t blogged for like a century,I am not even sure if I can still write yet I am here trying again.I got lost for a very long time,I don’t know what in the world possessed me to do things I never thought I could do.LOL!I don’t know!I really don’t know.What could have happened if I spent my time writing instead?so many questions,the world seemed like a “blah” .

I was bombarded with failures!F for failures!what the F?hahahaha!It really sucks,I almost gave up!I actually did give up,I mean I gave up things that aren’t helping me become a better person,I gave up people who are making me feel worst about myself,and I can say I am happy I did that.


-This is what I am grateful of. I learned a lot.Failure really teaches us how to become better and it doesn’t define us as a person.

So what now?

-Now,I am completely fine.I became a mother at the age of 23,I did not regret -it did not cross my mind even once. When my daughter came,everything changed.I became a completely different person.(no kidding!)I clearly know now what I want in life and that excites me when I wake up in the morning.

I want to make a change!

-My life has changed for the better and now I want to change people’s lives.Not that I am ambitious but this is what I really want and I always keep in mind “The Law of Attraction” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_attraction. So when your intention is good and you keep your eyes on the prize,I know someday these dreams will become real.


Can’t add my thoughts right now,my baby is awake.haha!See u on the next post!



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