You are capable of change.

I am so much inspired by Doctor Harold J. Sala’s book, ”Winning Your Inner Struggles”- The rightmost book to compliment the exact feeling I have right now. The book tells you not to take refuge in failure situations. Rather than feeling sorry for thyself and crying over the misery, it encourages us to plan a change and be responsible for it.

What am I currently struggling for? One word to answer my question, ”CHANGE”.  People may think that this is just an excuse for me since I want to make up for every bad thing I did in the past. So what? Shut your flat face there! Over there! by the tree! Seriously!

No matter what you did in the past, you are worthy of change but this is hard to establish because of the memories that scar our lives- memories that burn!. Let’s not take delight in recounting the story details of our misery. The past doesn’t have to destroy our future. Stop remembering the sordid details of failures. All of these are “psychiatric garbage”. The question now is how are we going to start “the change” ?

Based on experience, I say we begin accepting ourselves. Understand yourself. It is wrong to think less of yourself, it is pride- willful arrogance- to consider yourself much better than the rest of mankind.

People right now are really indispensable- They want people to know that they have taken their place in the society. They flash their jewels or assets in such a way that you can’t help noticing. Their image/status is very important. They want people to know that they have impeccable family background, that they have been to the right schools and have a prestigious circle of friends. And so? That’s so wrong. We must always remember that every good gift and every perfect gift comes down from the Father above. Don’t boast.

Because and Becoming. When we realize that God is at work with our lives, instead of blaming God and saying,” I am this way because…” we should say,” I am becoming the person that God wants me to be”. When you can accept yourself as a person of worth and value, you can then accept circumstances in life which are adverse and realize that God has not forsaken you and is not punishing you.


Just what should be the extent of forgiveness? I say, we should not grow tired of forgiving people. Make sure to ask God’s forgiveness first and then extend forgiveness to the one who has hurt you. We usually find ourselves in the position of not being able to forgive another yet God forgives us so he expects us to forgive too. Pray for the one that has hurt you, the one you can’t forgive, eventually your hatred will turn to pity and finally will be replaced by tenderness that allows you to forgive.

Forgive yourself. “What right do I have to fail to forgive myself when God has forgiven me?”

You don’t have the right! Your failing to forgive yourself only destroys your peace of mind and further diminishes your effectiveness because of the burden of guilt you bear.

Refuse to let your mind dwell on the memory that burns. If God has forgiven you, and you have forgiven yourself, and forgiven those who may have hurt you, refuse your mind to dwell on that matter. Satan defeats us by bringing to our minds things which have been forgiven and must be forgotten.

Lastly we should begin praising God for bringing restoration and healing to our lives.

I have underlined the keywords one must undergo before effectively making a change. Honestly I already have experienced it all that’s why I can say that no matter how shameful your past is as long as you are willing to change your life for the better then it(the past) wouldn’t count any longer. We must not let our past destroy our future. The past must be left in the past where it belongs.



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