The Going WILL Get Tough

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I Am A Changemaker


When you aspire for change, you can already predict a path ahead of you.
Smooth?Problem-free?All happiness and smiles?
Sorry to disappoint you but you would never have that.

As you start changing what other people accept as “normal”, you would likely encounter many things.
One would be problems, another would be criticism, negativity can come in between and sometimes a sprinkle of doubt on your part.
Many things will happen to you and as you go down that road, many will put roadblocks just to stop you and keep you from pursuing.

I’ve tried and tried ever since to face and hold the bull by the head.
Many times I would get scrapes, cuts and wounds not from an actual bull but from people whom I thought would be harmless or would support me and back me up for that change I wanted.
Sometimes they would agree, sometimes they would…

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