Fabulous People of JustFab

I have never been this guarded before, I was always the friendly and approachable one, yet after everything that has happened something in my way of life changed.
After 2years of heavy pain and sorrow now I am someone better than ever before. I came to choose wisely the people whom I trust and I’m thankful that I made the right decision.
Right now, I am trying to find myself again and luckily God brought me here- in the beautiful place of Davao. I seem to like everything here. The people are very nice and the community is the cleanest I have ever been so far. The people who were elected into power really did a great job in making this City great and FABULUOS. Take note! No one is allowed to smoke! Haha! Rejoice!!!-for non smokers like me! Anyone who is caught smoking will be fined. Everyone is afraid of Mayor Duterte’s “DDS”- Davao Death Squad. Seriously this really exists. Every person who does not abide the law will be reprimanded.
Anyway, the people in the picture keep me company in this new journey I am currently submitting myself into. I am again included in a diverse group of people whom I just met, I don’t know why!!!!(waaaah!) but I really enjoy them. They bring good influence since I can really feel the value of family. These people are the ff;
1. Me
2. Alyssa
3. Julius
4. Jayvee
5. Andrew
6. Anthony
7. Blas
8. Jasper
9. Ben
10. Lloyd
11. Gift
12. Charissa
13. Pheobe
14. Rovina
15. Dell
16. Momi Gladys
17. Momi Olive
18. Joyce
19. Toni
20. Divine
21. Alexy
22. Kim
23. Gleffy
OMG! I know them all! I am so happy!hahahaha! Anyway, I just can’t express how blessed I am to be able to meet people who bring the best in me, no backbiting, no drama, just pure happiness and kindness. I may not have perfect friends yet at least I have friends who are true to me and who will always treasure me no matter what. Thank You Lord again for today! I feel so blessed.


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