and all I have are pictures

As I follow my dream, as I take another journey in my life, there are things that I sacrifice.
One thing that I sacrificed the most is not to be able to see my baby girl grow. She just turned 5 months and I was not with her, it broke my heart a hundred times and it’s still breaking as days go by. I miss my baby so much-Tears fell while I write.
I am 5 hours away from her, imagine how hard it is for a mother to sleep at night without her child, to wake up every morning without a glimpse of that smile, to miss her every milestone, and to miss showing her how loved she is every day. Missing her is like having no soul, waking up and going through the day with emptiness in my heart.
But I know someday, she will be proud of me, so I am not going to give up with life’s challenges. I am this strong because of my daughter, she is my inspiration, she is the reason why I want to reach something in my life right now, she is everything to me. I love her so much!
Baby,Mama will be home soon. I love you more than anything else in this world. For now, I will hold you in my heart…until I can hold you in my arms.



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