I will always be one of the boys!

These are my friends Bebot,Bryan and Nonie, this photo was taken at Bangkerohan Public Market, Davao City. We had a very early breakfast and the food was really great!I can remember the creaminess of the Balbacua, the tenderness of the Bulalo and the crispiness of the Lechon Kawali. yam!yam!yam!
We are now friends for 12 years. Time really flies so fast, I still can remember how we all first met, how we became close friends and how we all consider ourselves part of our own families yet bam!!12 years passed already! I really feel comfortable with these people since we really don’t go beyond being friends no malice, no suppressed feelings, just simply genuine friendship. I thank the Lord for giving me these people in my life since they aren’t just friends, they are also my brothers who are always there to protect their sister.
Nothing really compares a friendship that is built through time.




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